Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Princess Themed Quinceanera Cake

Hello Everyone! I wanted to post my latest cake. I made it for a family members Quinceanera. The theme was Granny Apple Green mixed with a Princess theme. The main attraction was the fondant tiara atop the cake! I mixed the fondant with tylose powder and made my own template. I then used my clay extruder to lay the little fondant snakes over it. They were all stuck together with cake glue. It's basically tylose powder mixed with water and warmed in the microwave until it's clear and thickened! I love that stuff!
This cake served approximately 200 people! It was 4 tiers, a 14" square, 12" square, 10" round and 8" round. The top was chocolate cake with chocolate bavarian filling, followed by, strawberry with cream cheese, red velvet with cream cheese and on the bottom was marble with bavarian creme! I used Edna's buttercream icing recipe and Satin ice fondant for the accents and tiara. The borders were rhinestone mess and a fondant pear border. I used so many different molds for this cake. I loved them all but especially the Moroccan Lace mold! It's such and elegant design I can't wait to use it again!
So hopefuly, you all like it and please if anyone would care to leave a comment that would be great.

P.S! I almost made the base and backdrop for the cake! At first I wasn't sure if it was even necessary but now I'm glad I did! The only problem was all the glitter it left in my living room! LOL

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